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The Calabrian Association in Ontario was founded by a group of Calabrian friends residing in Ontario, Canada.

Article 1 - Members

Calabrisi nel Mondo “Ontario” operates for the benefit of society and in respect of human dignity by achieving its statutory purposes through the participation of every member. The Association is non-profit.

Its headquarters are at 1143 Barmarc Drive, North York, Ontario, Canada.

The Calabresi Association in Ontario aims to:

  1. Develop and promote friendly relationships among its members to make them better able to serve the collective interest;
  2. Promote knowledge of the Calabrian culture, and in particular, to publicize the history, customs, and traditions of the Calabrian people;
  3. Keep the memory of their homeland alive among Calabrians residing outside the region by reviving the most significant traditions and gatherings;
  4. Promote and give public recognition to Calabrians who reside in Ontario, and to those who have contributed to the knowledge of Calabrian culture in its various forms and distinguished themselves in the arts, sciences, commerce, and public administration;
  5. Publicize and organize exhibitions of Calabrian products;
  6. Encourage the participation of all Calabrian and non-Calabrian residents, both in Calabria and in other parts of the world, to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of Calabria;
  7. Establish prizes and scholarships focused on spreading the cultural values ​​of participation and solidarity within those populations most in need;
  8. Promote tourism to the region of Calabria;
  9. Collaborate with the region of Calabria, and with the designated Consultor of the region of Calabria, to promote cultural, economic, and social programs for the Calabrian community.

Article 2 - Members

The members of the Calabresi Nel Mondo “Ontario” Association are those who have formally complied with the provisions contained in the regulations prepared and approved by the Presidential Committee.

Applying for membership involves being in agreement with the principles of the Association and collaborating to accomplish the purposes of the Association, according to the aptitudes and skills of each individual member.

Article 3 – How to Join

The membership application must be completed and signed using a specific form. The application should be submitted with payment of the annual membership fee according to the rules set out in the Regulations.

If the application for membership is accepted, the new member’s status will be dated from the day the membership fee was paid.

Article 4 – Members’ Rights and Duties

Members may participate in all activities of the Association, and exercise rights of active and passive constituency according to statutory rules and regulations, provided their membership fees are paid in full and current.

Each member is required to comply with statutory and regulatory provisions, as well as resolutions of the Governing Bodies, while engaged in activities related to the purposes of the Association.

Each member should show the utmost loyalty to the Association and comport themselves in a way that shows respect for the dignity of their fellow members.

Article 5 – Loss of Membership

Membership status may be lost due to the following circumstances:

  1. a) Resignation
  2. b) Failure to renew a membership
  3. c) Expulsion

Members must submit their resignations in writing to the headquarters of the Calabresi Nel Mondo “Ontario,” and it will be effective immediately.

Non-renewal of membership and failure to pay the membership fee will result in forfeiture of membership status.

Expulsion may be imposed following disciplinary proceedings.

Article 6 – Active and Passive Constituency

The right to an active constituency and the right to a passive constituency may be exercised by members who are at least 18 years of age, and the deadline for applications to be accepted under the Regulations will be taken into account.

Article 7 – Membership Fees Forfeiture Due to Non-Renewal Exercising the Right to Vote

By November of each year, the Board determines the amount of the membership fee for the following year.

The membership fee will be payable in June. Failure to pay by November 30 will result in automatic forfeiture of membership.

Only members in good standing, with membership fees current, may exercise the right to vote in the assemblies.

Article 8 – Exercise of Membership Rights

Membership in Calabresi Nel Mondo “Ontario” allows the full exercise of membership rights, including eligibility for each position within the Association.

Article 9 – List of Members

The membership list is not confidential.

Article 10 – Structure

The structure of Calabresi Nel Mondo “Ontario” is:

1) President
2) Board of Directors
3) Treasurer
4) Friends of the Association

Article 11 – The President

The President of the Association of Calabresi Nel Mondo “Ontario” will be elected by the Assembly according to the procedures listed in the Regulations.

The President is elected for a term of five years and can be re-elected.

The President directs the Association and represents it in all institutional and social capacities. The President convenes and chairs the Board. In the event the President resigns or is otherwise unable to fulfill his or her duties, the Board of Directors will appoint a temporary replacement for the time period necessary to convene the Assembly.

Article 12 – Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of:

  • The President of the Association
  • 12 members elected by the Assembly

Members of the Board of Directors are elected for three-year terms.

The Board of Directors approves the Association’s budget and financial expenditures and meets at least once a year. They issue all regulations for the implementation of this statute.

Article 13 - Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate accounts of income and expenses.

Article 14 – Friends of the Association

Friends of the Association are those who freely donate to the organization in various amounts, although they have not asked for membership and do not acquire membership status. Public and private organizations, associations, foundations, and other private institutions may be Friends of the Association.

Article 15 – Final Provisions

The Board of Directors provides for the implementation of all the regulations necessary for the execution of this Statute.

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